Drak BlackBerry Connect for SAP
Drak's BlackBerry Connect for SAP connects the SAP R/3 system to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). This allows for SAP data to be pushed or pulled to BlackBerry powered devices.

Drak Telnet Server
The Drak Telnet Server is a highly scalable RFC0854 compliant telnet server solution running on Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server. DTS goes beyond the standard features found on other telnet servers and provides additional features focused on mobile requirements. DTS works with third party products such as SAP® Console as well as other Drak products to form a fully integrated hassle free solution.
Our telnet server was developed from the ground up for the needs of a mobile data capture environment. The features and configuration options that we have in this telnet server are a good fit with the rest of our products and also for any other mobile data capture environment.

Drak Pocket Telnet Client
The Drak Pocket Telnet Client is a RFC0854 compliant telnet client for Microsoft® Pocket PC products. This client is designed with devices like the Symbol, Intermec, PSC and other data capture devices in mind. They include native support for barcode scanners on these devices. There are also some security features for an industrial mobile computing environment built in.

Drak XI for SAP
The Drak XI is the next generation IO engine for SAP® Console. DXI is a plug-in replacement for the existing IO engine that is 100% compatible while providing new features such as mobile printing, HTML support and works with Drak Pocket GUI. This is the ideal product for those who want to seamlessly migrate from a character-based environment or an existing SAP Console environment to a Pocket PC based environment.

This is the ideal product for those who want to seemlessly migrate from a character based enviroment or an existing SAP Console environment to a Pocket PC based environment.

Drak Universal-IO
The Drak Universal IO is a highly scalable tool that allows the development of powerful multi-tier applications in any scripting language on the Microsoft® Windows® server platform such as Visual Basic Script or Java Script. To kick start development a powerful framework is included.

Drak Pocket GUI
The Drak Pocket GUI is a graphical client for Microsoft® Pocket PC devices that works with specific Drak Server products to take full advantage of the Pocket PC’s Graphical environment. This tool brings to Pocket PC devices the ability to construct extremely powerful server based real time applications for the Pocket PC devices.

Unlike Telnet based or HTML based solutions, this has been made especially for Pocket PC based data collection devices. The GUI brings a graphical environment unlike a telnet based solution. It also does not have the drawbacks of the Pocket IE environment.